Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in Dreamland’s royal kingdom, as the daughter of King Zøg. Princess Bean also lives with her stepbrother, Derek, and her stepmother, Oona. Her biological mother, Dagmar, died at a young age from poisoning.

Profession... heir to the throne. She’s well acquainted with the castle’s servants, as well as the bar she escapes to when she’s feeling bored. When Bean is not relegated to the castle’s confines, she travels to various places on adventures she’s normally circumstanced to by her father’s quests.

Interests...  adventure, mischief, and lots of drinking. Bean is a loose cannon, and is there for a good time, not a long time.

Relationship Status... single. As a princess, her father has attempted to arrange marriages for the political benefit of the kingdom. However, she isn’t too keen on those options and wants to seek out lust on her own terms. 

Challenge... growing up as a royal. Bean constantly had to deal with the consequences of having a restrictive father. Thankfully, with the addition of new friends, she may be more able to live life to the fullest. As she tells her friends, “Let's make this night so legendary, they caution children about it.”

Personality... impulsive, rebellious, and ambitious. Bean makes her decisions based on her emotions. Those decisions may sometimes be wrong, but Bean would rather take risks than live a boring life secluded in the palace.


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