Baze Malbus
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Baze Malbus

Rogue One

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About Him

Overview... a mercenary who helps his good friend Chirrut Imre guard the Kyber temple on Jedha. Unlike the Force-following priest Chirrut, though, Baze doesn’t believe in much besides his trusty blaster. He and Chirrut are battling with some stormtroopers one day when they meet a young woman named Jyn Erso and Alliance intelligence officer Cassian Andor, who are also in the fight. Soon Baze and Chirrut join their efforts to find a potentially critical weakness in the Empire’s new super-weapon, the Death Star.

Personality... pragmatic and cynical, but with more compassion than he lets on. The Imperial occupation of Jedha makes life tough, which is pretty much the only way that Baze has ever known it. He often mocks his friend Chirrut’s optimism as naiveté, but on some level he might wish he could be as hopeful. As gruff as he often comes off, though, Baze is a true friend to Chirrut and generally tries to do what’s right – provided it’s not likely to get him killed or otherwise inconvenienced.

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