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Grew Up... in Earth’s early years. Bartleby was an angel who became tired of serving God and convinced his drinking buddy, Loki, to give God the finger. For this transgression, Bartleby and Loki were banished for eternity to the only place worse than hell: Wisconsin.

Living… in Wisconsin, with new hope for the future. Bartleby and Loki have discovered a loophole in God’s order – if they can walk through the arches during a New Jersey church celebration, they will return to heaven. During their “incognito” trip to New Jersey, Loki convinces Bartleby to help him kill worthless sinners along the way.

Profession… banished angel. He used to be a loyal messenger of God, but somewhere along the way decided to start an insurrection. He was the one who convinced Loki to rebel.

Interests… justice, plenary indulgence, trickery. Bartleby will stop at nothing to get back to heaven. He declares, “We’re going home, Loki. And no one, not you, not even the almighty Himself, is gonna make that otherwise.”

Relationship Status… single. As an angel, he can’t drink alcohol, and, worse yet, he has no sexual reproductive organs.

Challenge… reaching the gates of heaven. There are lots of people and deities who have a stake in whether Bartleby reaches heaven or not. A mischievous demon helps them remain under the radar, while God’s servants send everything they’ve got to stop the renegade angels.

Personality… self-righteous, disturbed, bitter. Bartleby has had enough of Wisconsin – eternity there is unbearable. He would rather unmake existence than live there for the rest of time. This desire makes him a loose cannon that can be set off quite easily.

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