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Bartleby Gaines


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About Him

Overview… a fast-talking and charismatic young man who has never applied himself in school. Bartleby’s lack of academic priorities catches up with him when he fails to get into any of the colleges he applied to. Desperate to secure his father’s approval, Bartleby makes up his own fictional university, the South Harmon Institute of Technology. What starts as a way to assuage his parents spirals out of control when the university website allows thousands of applicants to become “accepted” to Bartleby’s fictional school. Unable to tell hundreds of people that they’ve been rejected all over again, Bartleby sets to the task of making his fake college as real as possible.

Personality… laid-back, charming, and quick-thinking. Bartleby’s list of high school cons is legendary. He once got out gym class for a year because he was “allergic to sweat,” he got a note from his doctor that he was nocturnal and could “study in his dreams,” and ran a successful fake ID ring out of the yearbook room. Despite his confidence in his schemes, he’s unsure about what he wants to do with his life, and even titled his college essay “I Don’t Have a Clue.” While he’s often dishonest, Bartleby is loyal and good-hearted, and will do whatever he can to help his friends.

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