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Blazing Saddles

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Living… in Rock Ridge, a frontier town where every single resident has the last name “Johnson.” Bart hasn’t lived there long – in fact, he just barely arrived after being appointed the town’s sheriff. Unfortunately, the rather “provincial” (read: racist) residents of Rock Ridge haven’t taken well to having a black lawman.

Profession… sheriff and former railroad worker. Bart’s job at the railroad went south when he couldn’t take his supervisor’s incompetence and racism anymore, and hit him with a shovel. Bart was scheduled to be hanged, but for unknown reasons, the district attorney made him Rock Ridge’s sheriff instead.

Interests… getting ahead. It’s not easy being a black man in the Old West. Luckily, through a mixture of raw charisma and derring-do, Bart is pretty much always able to get the upper hand on his ignorant adversaries. As he tells himself, “oooh, baby, you are so talented, and they are so dumb.”

Relationship status… single. Bart is an extremely eligible bachelor, and he's open to loving all kinds of women. His skill in the bedroom is the stuff of legends. But since coming to Rock Ridge, his strongest relationship hasn’t been romantic. Instead, it’s the friendship he’s struck up with Jim “The Wacko Kid,” an alcoholic and one of the greatest gunslingers in the West.

Challenge… winning the respect of the citizens of Rock Ridge and saving the town from the greedy designs of the attorney-general, Hedley Lamarr. See, Lamarr wants to run the new railroad through Rock Ridge. So he appointed Bart as sheriff, hoping that the residents of Rock Ridge would be so racist that they'd abandon the town and let him buy the land for cheap. Unfortunately, as Bart begins to win the townsfolk’s grudging respect, Lamarr is forced to resort to more desperate measures. It’s up to Bart and Jim to save the tragically dumb citizens of Rock Ridge.

Personality… cocky, clever, and headstrong. Bart’s a resourceful guy, who can think his way through just about any problem if you give him a little time. If he can’t, he’ll just do something more dramatic to get what he wants. The West hasn’t been kind to Bart, and he’s been dealing with ignorant and racist people his whole life – but that hasn’t diminished his respect for human life and happiness. He’ll go out of his way to help his detractors, just to prove them wrong. A witty western hero, Bart makes one hell of a sheriff.

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