Barry Lyndon
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Barry Lyndon

Barry Lyndon

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About Him

Living… at the Castle Hackton with Lady Lyndon, where fifty or so servants are at his beck and call. And like a true opportunist, Barry isn't planning on leaving.

Profession… technically unemployed, but living luxuriously off Lady Lyndon’s wealth. They speak when they have time. Whether her conversation is full of stupid despair or forced cheerfulness, they're unflagging irritating. Somehow, though, he finds himself partaking in the same routine each morning (for the money, of course).

Interests… enjoying his new position in high English society. Barry likes luxury, and he's determined to enjoy it for the rest of his life.

Relationship Status… technically married, but he cares more about sustaining his lifestyle. Pretending to be in love with his wife has granted him access to luxury, and so he puts up with her… with a string of mistresses on the side, of course.  

Challenge… sustaining his marriage to Lady Lyndon, or at least obtaining her wealth. Since nothing is in his name, it'll all go to her oldest son if he doesn’t act quickly. Barry could be left with nothing, and his stepson, everything!

Personality… slightly self-centered, but a survivor. Irish and not born a noble, Barry is an outcast in upper-crust English society – but for all that the other nobles find him irritating, Barry is now one of them, like it or not.

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