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Living… in Glendale, California, during the start of World War II. In a time of world war, espionage and sabotage are real threats during this time when Nazi insurgents are potentially everywhere.

Profession… aircraft worker. A fire at his factory ended up killing his co-worker and close friend, Mason. And now Barry is the lead suspect. He says in his defense: "I don't believe what they're talking about, but if you believe it, that I killed him, then I might as well-" Before he can finish, police sirens sound in the distance.

Interests… proving his innocence. He has turned into a private investigator of sorts. Authorities don't believe that he's innocent of this heinous act, so he has to work solo to get to the bottom of the real people responsible for this targeted act on American soil. He has an idea of who may have done it – a worker named Fry. Barry is determined to go down the rabbit hole of connections to find out the truth, but he may be in over his head. It looks like many are co-conspirators in this act of sabotage.

Relationship Status… single. A romance appears to be building with Pat, the daughter of a blind man Barry met when he was hiding out from the police. Their relationship got off to a bad start. She initially despised him and wanted to turn him into the police. But now Pat seems to be coming around to believing Barry is innocent and has agreed to help him.

Challenge… realizing that the fire was just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, the saboteurs have an even bigger target in mind. Can Barry convince them that he's one of them, and find out what even greater plot of destruction they have in mind?

Personality… resilient, brave, and willing to do anything to clear his name. Quick on his feet, he's always ready to adapt when the situation goes south.

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