Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… with practically everything. A closet that takes several days to walk through, luxury cars, a house that has not one but 36 bathtubs – if you can name it, Barbie probably has it.

Living... in sunny Malibu, California. Along with her sisters and their multiple pets, Barbie lives in the Dreamhouse, a three-story, state-of-the-art mansion painted a dreamy pink.

Profession… which one? Dentist, dog-walker, doctor, ballet dancer... if you can think of a job, Barbie's probably had it. When her friend Nikki learns she's even been to the moon, Barbie's response is, "you haven't?"

Interests… fun, friends, and (of course) fashion! Whether she's going to the beach or helping one of her younger sisters with homework, Barbie is always sure to look fantastic.

Relationship Status… happily in love with Ken. Over 40 years after their first meeting, Barbie and Ken's love hasn't faded one bit. It's easy to see why. The constantly supportive and affectionate Ken is, in Barbie's words, "the best, most thoughtful boyfriend a girl could ask for!"

Challenge… managing her busy, busy life! Between fashion shows, planning parties, and her many jobs, Barbie often finds herself squeezed for time to spend with her friends and family. After all, it isn't easy being fabulous.

Personality… optimistic, kind, and friendly. For all her beauty and talent, Barbie is shockingly down-to-earth. She considers everyone her friend, and if there's one thing Barbie is about, it's making sure her friends are happy.


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