Barbara Novak
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Barbara Novak

Down with Love

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About Her

Living... as Barbara Novak. Born as Nancy Brown, "Barbara" is now living in New York City, in the early 1960s: the age of girl power, beatniks, and the Beatles.

Profession... writer. Her latest book, Down With Love, teaches women how to live like men. The book quickly became a bestseller– her publisher claims that millions of women have bought it. Some church groups have even bought the book… but that was mostly so that they could burn it.

Interests... eating lot and lots chocolate. As she discovered, chocolate triggers the same pleasurable responses as sex. By substituting chocolate for sex, love and men no longer occupy her mind.

Relationship Status... single. Even though she became famous for giving other women relationship advice, Barbara's love life is nonexistent. As she explains, "The men who resent my success won't give me the time of day. And the men who respect my success won't give me the time of night." But there is one guy– Zip Martin– who might have some potential...

Challenge... getting over a heartbreaking crush. A long time ago, Nancy was in love with a guy, but she couldn't bear to become just another notch in his bedpost. Plain Nancy felt she had to do something to set herself apart– but now, it's all gone too far.

Personality... quite different from mousy Nancy Brown. Since adopting "Barbara," she's become much more confident, successful, and sexy. Surprisingly, Barbara’s not much happier than Nancy was. So bring on the chocolate…

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