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Grew Up... in the Imperial City of Archades. Ffamran Mied Bunansa (Balthier’s real name) was the son of Archadian scientist Cidolfus Demen Bunansa. Ffamran himself was also quite brilliant, becoming a judge while he was still a teenager.

Living... in Ivalice. Balthier lives in Ivalice, a massive fantasy world made up of several continents and a plethora of unique races and cultures. Balthier’s adventures make up just one small part of its long history.

Profession... sky pirate. As his father’s mind, as well as Archadian politics, became increasingly unstable, Ffamran fled the empire and became a sky pirate by the name of Balthier.

Interests... stealing. As a sky pirate, Balthier now travels the world on his airship, the Strahl, planning out exciting new heists.

Relationship Status... single; ladies’ man. Because he is so charming, Balthier is a hit with the ladies, even if he doesn’t stick around long enough for anything serious. However, he deeply trusts his partner Fran, a rabbit-like Viera woman.

Challenge... stopping the tyranny of the Archadian Empire. When Balthier and street thief Vaan both try to steal from the Royal Palace of Rabanastre, the two inadvertently create even more political tension. Now, with the world on the brink of war, Vaan, Balthier, and their allies must try to fight the tyranny of the Archadian Empire.                                                                                         

Personality... intelligent and charismatic, but cynical. Balthier has grown from a child prodigy to a dashing young man. He also likes to view himself as the hero of his own story, even if others might disagree. As he says, “I’m the leading man. You know what they say about the leading man? He never dies.”

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