Balian de Ibelin
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Balian de Ibelin

Kingdom of Heaven

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About Him

Grew Up... during the Crusades, in France, without his father. He didn’t even know the identity of his father until later in life, when it was revealed that Baron Godfrey of Ibelin, a renowned noble knight, is Balian’s dad.

Living… in the wake of his wife’s suicide. With nothing left to live for except for his work as a blacksmith, Balian follows his father Godfrey toward Jerusalem, where he hopes to find God. Godfrey is mortally wounded along the way, and he knights Balian, making him a noble. Balian swears to serve King Baldwin IV of Jerusalem, a leper in need of loyal knights, during a time when conspirators lurk around every corner.

Profession… former blacksmith turned knight. Balian is not yet accepted by the old knights, who see him as something like “new money.” But Balian is devoted to learning the craft of a knight, and he will serve the Christian cause justly.

Interests… the art of a blacksmith, the art of a knight, the church, and forgiveness.

Relationship Status… widowed. His wife took her own life, leaving Balian angry and alone. The local priest gave his wife an unblessed grave, as was customary with suicides, angering Balian further. He has a lot of demons to exorcise before he can openly love again.

Challenge… defending Jerusalem. Balian has signed on as a knight during the time of their greatest need. The crusaders are raging war against Islam, and the battle for Jerusalem is a long and arduous one.  

Personality… intelligent and honorable. Balian uses his wits in battle before his brawn. He’s also a powerful warrior, but he knows to use his brain before his blade. He puts his heart into everything he does, and for that he can be called a loyal heir to his father’s title. He has a lot to live up to, but he is the type to remain with his decisions, and Balian has decided to fight for Jerusalem. So he shall remain true to his cause.

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