Bailey Salinger
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Bailey Salinger

Party of Five

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About Him

Living… in San Francisco with his four other siblings, Charlie (23), Julia (14), Claudia (11), and Owen (8 months). Sadly, their parents are no longer with them. They were killed instantly when a drunk driver hit their car. His brother has become a kind of father figure, which is hard for him to adjust to.

Profession… high school student. Bailey is popular at school and is a good football player, but he’s not a great student. After scoring a 900 on the SAT, he is realizing he won’t get into the colleges he wanted. So maybe college is not in the cards.

Relationship Status… attracted to Sarah, a fellow student who has been his on-and-off again girlfriend. As Bailey says to her, “I’m so attracted to you that if someone dropped Michelle Pfeiffer, naked, in my lap, al it would do is make me think about you.” Although their attraction is intense, the two of them are both dealing with so many other things in their lives that it is hard to commit to a long-term relationship.

Challenge… drinking. Although he’s underage, Bailey has gotten enough beer to get completely addicted to it. Bailey’s dad battled alcoholism, and Bailey seems to have inherited his genes. Now that he is in AA, Bailey is learning to change the things he can change, and accepting the things he can’t.

Personality… rebellious, but not without a cause. Bailey is strict with his own moral code but has trouble accepting others’ when they differ from his. He can be overly sensitive but also compassionate to the needs of his younger siblings. At times, he can step up and be mature when Charlie needs him; other times he is Charlie’s biggest headache.

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