B.J. Blazkowicz

B.J. Blazkowicz

Wolfenstein 3D

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About Him

Grew up... the son of Polish immigrants. William “B.J.” Blazkowicz was raised in the United States army and happily answered the call to arms when the U.S. entered WWII.

Living... in war-torn Europe. B.J.’s quest to end the Third Reich takes him all across the European theater.

Visiting... the year 1960. After fighting for years to defeat the Nazis, B.J. got a piece of shrapnel lodged in his brain and was comatose for 15 years – plenty of time for the Nazis to have cemented their world domination.

Profession... member of the Kreisau Circle. During his military career, B.J. went from Army captain to secret O.S.A. agent. Now he brings that expertise to his new role within the Kreisau Circle, a group of German resistance fighters dedicated to bringing down Nazi rule.

Interests… killing Nazis. It may be his job, but B.J. also gets personal satisfaction fighting against the biggest threat to global freedom. He loves nothing more than “shooting, stabbing, and strangling Nazis.”

Relationship Status... involved with Anya Oliwa, a beautiful and nurturing young woman who nursed B.J. as he recovered from his brain trauma. When her family is purged by the Nazis she finds herself fleeing across Poland with B.J., who is determined to find the resistance and begin to fight back.

Challenge... defeating the Third Reich. A lot has changed in the fifteen years since B.J. got a few inches of steel lodged in his head, and none of it for the better. The Nazis are firmly in control and oppress people the world over. The resistance is scattered and weak, unable to make a significant dent in the Nazis ranks or plans. Fortunately, now that B.J. is back, things are about to change. The world’s premier Nazi killing machine is back in action and mad is hell; he’ll never stop fighting. The first order of business is killing General Deathshead, the mad genius behind the Third Reich’s incredible and deadly technology. 

Personality... surprisingly introspective. B.J. tirelessly works to defeat the Nazis. However, the longer his struggle continues, the more he begins to think about the life he has lost. He says, “In my dreams, I smell a barbecue. Children playing, a dog, and I see someone. I think I see someone. All of this, none of it for me.” While his life is consumed by violence, B.J. is at heart a gentle and sweet man with a sense of humor. He treats everyone decently – except for Nazis, who he hates with a burning passion.

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