Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... as an angel in London, in his bookshop in Soho. It's a slightly dusty place, but the books are all extremely valuable, and there's a room in the back to make tea or have a drink with Crowley, a demon who is incidentally also Aziraphale's oldest friend.

Profession... thwarting the forces of evil. Generally by going to lunch with Crowley, with the philosophy that doing so lets him interrupt Crowley's demonic activities. Otherwise, Aziraphale runs his bookshop, with "running" in this case meaning "doing everything outside of violence to dissuade visitors from buying anything."

Interests... collecting books, Regency-era snuffboxes, and going to good restaurants with Crowley. That’s part of the reason he's less-than-thrilled about the coming Apocalypse. Although confident that the forces of Good will triumph, Aziraphale knows all-too-well that Crowley is right when he says, "Heaven has no taste. And not one sushi restaurant."

Relationship Status... goodness no! Bad enough that Aziraphale's best friend is a demon – Heaven knows what his superiors would say if he engaged in pleasures of the flesh. Besides, everyone knows that angels don’t have sex, "unless they really want to make an effort."

Challenge... stopping the Apocalypse, despite his superiors' wishes. It’s a bit difficult, especially since Hell's forces seem to have misplaced the Antichrist somewhere, and no one knows what he’ll do without instruction. Still, if Aziraphale teams up with Crowley, maybe they can stop the world from ending.

Personality... polite, extremely British, and less angelic than he thinks he is. Eternally stuck in the 19th century, Aziraphale may profess Heaven's superiority to Crowley, but 6,000 years spent on Earth means that the angel might be more attached to the mortal plane.


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