Ava Starr / Ghost

Ava Starr / Ghost

    Marvel Cinematic Universe
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... in constant pain. A childhood accident left Ava with molecular instability on a quantum level. That instability gives her superhuman abilities, but it’s also slowly killing her. As Ava explains, “They call it ‘molecular disequilibrium.’ A rather dull name, I think. Doesn’t quite do justice to what it means. Every cell in my body is torn apart and stitched back together, over and over everyday.” Ava lives in near-constant pain, with her only solace coming when she rests in her Quantum Energy Chamber.

Profession... seeming supervillian. In the way she attacks people and steals from heroes like Scott Lang and Hope van Dyne, Ava has all the markings of a supervillian. Yet her true motivations might be more complicated than they seem. Her masterful hand-to-hand combat skills and powerful “Ghost” containment suit hint at a past as an assassin or spy. Now, however, she’s a rogue agent who works solely for herself. Ava’s ability to phase through objects, turn invisible, and harness super strength makes her a formidable opponent.

Interests... none. She's too ruthless for hobbies.

Relationship Status... single. Ava is a loner, although it’s possible she has room in her life for a familial relationship.

Challenge... saving her own life. Realizing her molecular instability is killing her, Ava is desperate to find a way to save her life. Given that her condition was caused by a quantum accident, the Quantum Realm seems to hold the key. It’s an area of expertise for scientist Hank Pym, who has been hoping to rescue his long-lost wife Janet van Dyne from her imprisonment there. Rather than working with others, however, Ava would rather just take what she needs—even if that means killing to get it.

Personality... ruthless and distrustful. Ava has led a hard life, and she’s had to harden herself in order to survive. She believes the only person she can truly trust is herself. Bitter and resentful about the difficult hand she’s been dealt—not to mention the way she’s been lied to in the past—Ava doesn’t have much empathy for other people. However, her callousness is more so a result of her difficult situation than her innate way of being.


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