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Ava Ire

Ava's Demon

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About Her

Grew Up… trying to ignore the wrathful voice of the demon possessing her. For some reason, the demon actively tries to torment and isolate Ava, with the result that she doesn’t have many friends. Separated from her parents, Ava grows up under the watchful eyes of her malicious demon and her Orwellian school.

Living… on a planet dedicated to schooling children. But after her demon causes Ava to call her principal a "paper-pushing moron," she's sent to a “Galactic Child Containment Planet” to attend a center for “special-needs” children. Ava doesn’t have much control over her life – not even over her own actions.

Profession… runaway and refugee. After the ship taking her to the special-needs center takes a detour and her home planet is destroyed by raiders, Ava is left to fend for herself. Although shy at first, she tentatively attempts to form alliances with Wrathia (her demon) as well as Odin and Maggie, the only people left from her home planet.

Interests… daydreaming, stargazing, classical music, and scary stories.

Relationship Status… single. Wrathia has chased off all of Ava's potential friends – including Maggie, who used to be her best friend – to say nothing of her potential suitors. But after years of tormenting her, Wrathia makes a pact with her, agreeing to give Ava a second chance at a happy life if she'll help help Wrathia recover her lost throne.

Challenge… fulfilling her pact with Wrathia. First, Ava has to find Wrathia’s other demon friends, who are all possessing other people. Then, she has to convince the other people and demons to join them. Then, they have to join together to fight TITAN, the seemingly all-powerful being whose followers are increasing in influence. Oh, and there's also the issue of Ava tolerating Wrathia – they still don’t get along.

Personality… shy and sensitive, but friendly. Ava may have been isolated by her demonic possession, but she wants a chance to live life fully and make friends. She can struggle with low self-confidence, but she’s been growing more confident lately, and she can be headstrong when challenged on something that she really believes.

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