Austin Powers
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Austin Powers

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

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Grew up... in London. Last time he remembers being there it was the 1960s, and he was hanging out at places like the Electric Psychedelic Pussycat Swinger's Club.

Living... in Las Vegas in the late 1990s. He was frozen for 30 years, and he's trying to catch up on what has happened since the 60s. As he says, "As long as people are still having premarital sex with many anonymous partners while at the same time experimenting with mind-expanding drugs in a consequence-free environment, I'll be sound as a pound!"

Profession... spy. In addition to being a top agent, he also used to be an internationally renowned photographer.

Interests... anything that involves danger. After all, Danger is his middle name. He can handle anything except for circus carnies. He thinks their hands are too small, and they smell like cabbage.

Relationship Status... shagadelic; he has a way with women. As he says, "When this ship comes a-rockin', don't come a-knockin', baby!" However, his mojo hasn't yet worked on Vanessa, another agent with an amazing body who is posing as his wife. She says she is going to sleep on the couch in their hotel room, but he is determined to change that.

Challenge... thwarting his arch nemesis from the 1960s, Dr. Evil, who is still up to his villainous ways. Unless he gets the one billion dollars he demands, he will destroy the earth with his subterranean nuclear probe. Upon detonation, every volcano on the planet will erupt and seven-eighths of the land in the world will be covered with hot magma. Austin has to do everything in his power to stop this evil plan.

Personality... irresistible. Women want him, and men want to be him. If you want to know how great he is, just ask him.

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