Austin Langham
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Austin Langham

Masters of Sex

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About Him

Living… with his wife and children in St. Louis. Dr. Langham lives two lives: he plays the role of family man while also enjoying the lifestyle of a playboy doctor.

Profession… physician at Washington University Teaching Hospital. Dr. Langham is an ordinary doctor by day and a participant in a secret medical study by night. He has volunteered for a controversial study on human sexuality conducted by the reputable Dr. William Masters.

Interests… his newfound dedication to “the cause of science.” Dr. Langham gets to sleep with the much-desired secretary Jane Martin as a part of Dr. Masters’s new study. As he puts it, “This whole thing feels like Christmas or something!”

Relationship Status… married, though Langham has made a habit out of cheating on his wife. His increasing attachment to his scientific love-partner, Jane, is causing a rift in his home life.

Challenge… balancing his intense attraction to Jane Martin with his commitment to his marriage. Langham finds it difficult to participate in the study after Jane leaves, which has led him to believe that there was more between them than a mere physical attraction.

Personality… charming and confident. Dr. Langham projects an ultra-masculine image of himself in order to hide some deep inadequacies. He had spent most of his adult life ignoring the major problems with his marriage and his attitudes toward women.

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