Austin Ames
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Austin Ames

A Cinderella Story

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About Him

Grew up… in the San Fernando Valley with his overbearing, University of Southern California-obsessed father.  

Living… out his father’s dreams instead of his own. Austin’s basically a shoe-in for a football scholarship to USC, and afterwards he’ll come home to run the family car-wash business. Or at least, that’s what his father has told Austin to do since he was nine. 

Visiting… an online Princeton chatroom for prospective students, where he’s known as Nomad609. It was there that he began talking to his perfect girl: PrincetonGirl818.

Profession… a high school student, and the star quarterback of the football team.  What no one knows, though, is that Austin would be much happier living out his days as a struggling poet.

Relationship Status… technically dating a popular, diet-obsessed cheerleader. But Austin has been pulling a “You’ve Got Mail” with PrincetonGirl818 in the online Princeton chatroom. She might just be the (anonymous) girl of his dreams.

Challenge… doing what he wants, rather than living according to everyone else’s expectations. He hates nothing more than obeying other people, yet he can’t seem to stop doing it, even when it could affect his entire life.  

Personality… easygoing, intelligent, and charming. Austin is smart enough to get into Princeton – he quotes verses by Tennyson in his emails – but he’d rather just go with the flow than force everyone to listen to his literary opinions. This may be why everyone just assumes he’s happy to be known as a cute football player and nothing else. At least PrincetonGirl818 gets him.

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