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Living… back at home in Tribeca with her artist mother and teenage sister after graduating from college. It doesn’t take long for her to slide back into old habits of bickering with her family and getting on their nerves.

Profession… daytime hostess at a dinner-only restaurant. That means she just hangs out with the kitchen staff and occasionally takes a dinner reservation over the phone. It’s perfect for Aura, who isn’t ready for anything much more challenging yet.

Interests… filmmaking, sleeping late, and getting drunk. She was in a liberal arts bubble at her Ohio college and isn’t ready to break out into the real world yet.

Relationship Status… single but seeing a few guys. There’s Jed, the web video star who her friends introduced her to. And there’s Keith, who works at the same restaurant as Aura, but has a girlfriend. Neither seems like a perfect boyfriend but why not hang out with both and see what happens?

Challenge… growing up. Aura is extremely aimless, afraid to settle into a 9-5 job or a relationship that’s less than thrilling. She reads her mother’s old diaries and takes solace in the fact that she, too, experimented her way through her twenties. It’s the only way to learn some of the hardest lessons – like that having sex in an abandoned construction site is a bad idea.

Personality… directionless, non-committal yet curious and intellectual. Aura is in search of the answers to life’s biggest questions. She is also discovering who she wants to be, but the other people in her life don’t always have the patience for that. She’s sarcastic and mopey, but lights up at any victory on the road to adulthood.

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