Audrey Bernhardt

Audrey Bernhardt

Sneaky Pete

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About Her

Living... hand-to-mouth on a farm in Bridgeport, Connecticut, with her family. She lives with her husband Otto, and they’re struggling to put food on the table. 

Profession... manager of the family bail bond business. This business requires them to track down people who skip court hearings. Audrey is in charge of the safe that holds all of the collateral that they acquire from clients. 

Interests... having Sunday breakfasts with their family that includes four grandchildren, Julia, Taylor, Carly, and Pete. Pete disappeared for twenty years, but he is suddenly back in their lives. Something about him seems different, but Audrey can’t put her finger on it. Although Audrey loves her family, sometimes the love she shows is tough love. She can especially hard on Julia, who recently took over her role of running the day to day operations of the business.

Relationship status... married. She has been married to Otto Bernhardt for many years, and the years have taken their toll. Their relationship is tenuous at best.

Challenge... earning more money in order to provide for her family and to keep the family business alive. But her schemes to earn money may get them into even more trouble.

Personality... stubborn, aggressive, and determined. Everyone depends on her to stay tough to find a way out of this mess. It’s a lot of pressure, but she’s doing her best not to yell all the time.

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