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Athrun Zala

Mobile Suit Gundam Series

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About Him

Grew Up... in one of the space colonies, known as PLANTs, that humanity has made to expand to the stars. Athrun is one of the many humans known as “Coordinators” who have been genetically modified to better live in the challenging environments of space. As a child Athrun spent most of his time with his best friend, Kira Yamato.

Living... in the PLANT military organization called ZAFT, which is now waging a war against the Earth Alliance. Athrun “used to say that he hated wars,” but between the death of his mother in a terrorist attack by earth extremists and the fact that his father is the head of the PLANT’s National Defense Committee, Athrun has accepted his role in the military of the increasingly aggressive organization.

Profession... pilot and soldier of ZAFT. Despite having difficulty accepting the authority of others, and sometimes not following orders, Athrun has been specially trained for a secret mission. He must steal one of the Earth Alliance’s prototype weapons known as mobile suits and use them against their creators. Unfortunately, Kira is also using the weapons – on the opposite side.

Interests... robotics, friendship, and pleasing his father. Athrun is not the most sociable person, but he shows his appreciation for his friends by making them a robotic companion – Kira’s “birdy” is one of these treasured gifts. Unfortunately, most of Athrun’s actions are based not on his own interests, but his father’s. When Athrun has to choose between friendship and doing his duty to his father, he does eventually lean towards his friends – even if it takes him a while.

Relationship Status... engaged to the beautiful singing idol Lacus Clyne. However, this engagement is more about politics than love, as Athrun’s father wishes to make a political alliance with Lacus’s father, the Supreme Council Chairman of the PLANTs. Athrun is definitely friendly to her, making her the robotic companion known as “Haro,” but their relationship seems a bit cold to observers.

Challenge... dealing with the fact that Kira, his oldest friend, is now his newest enemy. Athrun is greatly troubled by this conflict, asking both Kira and fate, “Why must we fight each other?” But both pilots have things and people to protect, and Athrun may have to make good on his promise to “shoot him down myself.”

Personality... kind, quiet, and often very indecisive. Athrun has very strong emotions, but often has trouble voicing them to the people he cares about, especially when the emotions he has are confusing or conflicting. Athrun can seem abrasive or distant, often because he is worrying about something. But at his core he is a very kindhearted, friendly, and even trusting person. Unfortunately, the stress of battle may bury this side of Athrun deeper, and spin his feelings about his friend (and now enemy) Kira into even more confusion.

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