Astrid Young Teo
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Astrid Young Teo

Crazy Rich Asians

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About Her

Grew Up... as a princess, basically. Born into one of the wealthiest families in Singapore, young Astrid lived a life of complete luxury, glamor, and privilege. She eventually graduated top of her class at Oxford.

Living... a glamorously fabulous life in Singapore.

Profession... socialite and philanthropist.

Interests... shopping, shopping, and more shopping.

Relationship Status... in a complicated marriage. Her husband Michael Teo—an army captain turned startup CEO—doesn’t come from wealth and sometimes feels like he doesn’t measure up to Astrid’s background. He jokes about being a “commoner” compared to her pseudo-royal family. Astrid loves her husband, but she begins to suspect there’s something else fueling his detached demeanor—especially when she sees a suspicious text on his phone.

Challenge... sorting out her personal life. Astrid sometimes hides her light under a bushel in order to make sure Michael never feels lesser. Forced to confront the state of her marriage, however, Astrid must learn to prioritize herself and fight for the best life possible for her son, Cassian. Astrid’s extended family may be complicated (as she once joked, “God forbid we lose the ancient Chinese tradition of guilting your children”), but she’s fiercely loyal to them and she knows she can always rely on them to have her back.

Personality... glamorous, ethereal, and surprisingly down to earth. Astrid may look like a princess, but she doesn’t see herself as someone high atop a tower. She’s the sort of person who will pause mid-shopping trip to befriend a little girl in the store. Astrid loves luxury, but she doesn’t judge people by what they have or where they come from. She’s a close ally to her cousin Nick Young and she’s especially warm to his girlfriend Rachel Chu, an American economics professor overwhelmed by Nick’s world. Astrid’s spent her whole life in the public eye, and she’s learned to keep her emotions inside rather than letting them show. Beneath her reserved, dignified exterior, however, Astrid has an inner strength she might not even realize is there.

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