Astrid Sloan
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Astrid Sloan

The Politician

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About Her

Grew Up... preposterously wealthy, with her corrupt businessman father and her frequently zonked out mother.

Living... in Santa Barbara, California. Astrid attends Saint Sebastian High School, where she’s full-on teen royalty.

Profession... high school student and aspiring political operative. Astrid aims to be the perfect “first lady” to her boyfriend River Barkley, a popular jock who’s running for student body president.

Interests... tennis, Chvrches, and mod fashion.

Relationship Status... dating River Barkley. Or at least she was before River tragically and shockingly took his own life. Now Astrid must pick up the pieces of her perfectly planned senior year and figure out how to move forward.

Challenge... winning student body president in River’s place. Astrid decides to take River’s spot on the ticket and run against ambitious, high-strung Payton Hobart. Though she’s determined to take Payton down (and to put herself in the spotlight), it doesn’t seem like Astrid actually has an interest in school politics. In fact, you might say her real challenge is figuring out what she wants in life. And that might require getting out of her privileged bubble for a while. As Astrid wisely observes, “Money just makes the important stuff easy, so that we try to make the unimportant stuff hard just to make it feel like we’re not coasting.”

Personality... spoiled, ruthless, and conflicted. Glamorous, icy Astrid is success-driven without really knowing what she’s striving for. Though she lives a privileged life, she also suffers under her cold, demanding father. Astrid doesn’t know what an emotionally healthy relationship looks like, nor does she have a grasp on how everyday people actually live their lives. That’s left her as cruel, detached, and calculating as her dad. Thankfully, she’s young enough that there’s still hope she might be able to break the cycle and become her own woman.

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