Astrid Farnsworth
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Astrid Farnsworth


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Grew up… without a mother, having lost her to cancer while she was a child. Astrid was obsessed with computers, and began taking them apart at the age of six. She went on to graduate from Haverford College, where she majored in Music and Linguistics, and obtained a minor in Computer Science. Before joining the F.B.I she studied cryptology, which she was obsessed with as a child. 

Living… essentially at work. Astrid spends most of her time at her job, which is located in a basement laboratory at Harvard University.

Profession… junior F.B.I agent. Astrid was recently transferred to a secret subdivision of the F.B.I, the Fringe Department – which is tasked with investigating a series of bizarre scientific phenomena known as The Pattern. Her job as a junior agent is to aid and babysit the head scientist, Walter Bishop. Most of the time she is charged with miscellaneous lab work, driving Walter around, picking up food for him, and providing emotional support for the team. Because Walter spent the last 17 years in a mental institution, Astrid often has to explain popular culture to him.

Interests… cryptology, linguistics, the color purple, and computers. Astrid speaks five languages and is obsessed with butterflies. She is also often seen wearing purple.

Relationship Status… single. She’s too involved at work to find time to date.

Challenge… getting her co-workers to take her seriously. Walter does not treat her as an equal, and the other team members (including fellow FBI agent Olivia Dunham and Peter Bishop, Walter’s son) often take her for granted. Early on, she tries to explain to Walter, “I am not brushing a cow’s teeth, Walter, you know I have real work to do…right?” Walter, for unknown reasons, does not see her as an peer and refuses to remember her name. Instead he comes up with a new one each time he tries to refer to her. Some of his “attempts” have included Astral, Asgard, Asterisk, Astro, Asprin, Astricks, Afro, and Ostrich. Astrid tries desperately to please Walter, but laments, "I speak five languages, but I don't speak Walter. "

Personality… loyal, pragmatic, kind, easy-going, and empathetic. Although she is taken for granted by those around her, Astrid will do anything for her team. When fellow agents are going through a hard time, she will always be there for them and try to support them as much as possible.

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