Ashlyn Caswell

Ashlyn Caswell

    High School Musical: The Series

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in Salt Lake City, Utah, a sophomore at East High School. Ashlyn often acts as a confidant, helping friends navigate their relationships and personal troubles. Her house is also the go-to spot for hosting cast parties or get togethers.

Interests… songwriting. A performer at heart, Ashlyn loses herself in the art of song, constructing and performing her own breathtaking ballads and catchy pop tunes. Ashlyn is also a natural hostess, both of parties and her friends’ well-being. 

Relationship Status… single. Ashlyn gives her friends dating advice, but she has yet to find romance for herself. 

Challenge… becoming confident. Despite her amazing voice and incredible songwriting abilities, Ashlyn feels that she is not good enough for her roles. Still adjusting to the school’s social scene, Ashlyn is slowly finding her place within East High’s thorny hedges.

Personality… supportive, blunt, and uncertain. Ashlyn’s insecurities are often buried beneath her frank personality that appears to exude confidence. Ashlyn is learning to be honest about herself, rather than let her brash attitude do most of the talking.


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