Asher Millstone
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Asher Millstone

How to Get Away with Murder

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Grew up… in a rich, politically revered family. His father is a well-respected judge, and many of the Millstone family’s closest friends are powerful players in the judicial system. Because of the influence of his parents, Asher has never had to deal with the consequences of his actions, though that doesn’t mean those actions won’t eventually come back to haunt him.

Profession… working under Annalise Keating as an intern at Keating & Associates, and a law student. Asher doesn’t need a job for the money – he’s got a trust fund for that – but he wants, more than anything, to prove himself to his parents.   

Relationship Status… single, though he loves to brag about the hot girls he’s banged. That doesn’t mean he isn’t a sweet, adoring boyfriend when he has someone he cares about – even if that person happens to kind of be his boss.

Challenge… proving that he’s more than his family name. Everyone assumes that Asher’s acceptance into the Keating Five was more because of his legal pedigree than his legal mind, especially given Asher’s penchant for jokes and showing off.

Personality… entitled, foolish, and a braggart.  Asher is the worst of every prep school and frat boy stereotype, but that doesn’t mean he’s a bad guy. Usually he means well, even if he’s a little self-serving, and eventually, being around a group of people who call him out will rub off on him in a good way.

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