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Ginger Foutley

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About Her

Living… in Sheltered Shrubs, Connecticut, with her mom, Lois, and little brother, Carl.  Ginger’s dad, Jonas, left the family shortly after Carl was born, so Ginger doesn’t see him often. But, Ginger is kept busy enough dealing with Carl’s pranks and listening to (and only sometimes taking) her mom’s advice.

Profession… middle school student. Ginger is a very good student, particularly excelling in science and English. When the most popular girl in school, Courtney, decides to befriend Ginger, keeping up with the intricacies of the school social scene also becomes a key part of Ginger’s life.

Interests… writing, figuring out how to act like an adult, and hanging out with her best friends Dodie and Macy.

Relationship Status…. single, but of course she’s got some crushes. Some people think that Ginger’s next-door neighbor and friend Darren might want to be a little bit more than friends…

Challenge… navigating life as a pre-teen. It’s hard to figure out how to balance middle school cliques, crushes, family, and friends, all while also figuring out who she is and dealing with lots of pubescent feelings. But, Ginger’s figuring it out.

Personality… smart, introspective, and sensitive. Ginger is kind and loyal to her friends. She can be a little shy and insecure, like any pre-teen girl. But she also very much wants to be noticed, and she’s learning how to build her confidence. Ginger has a powerful voice and wants it to be heard.

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