Arya Stark

Arya Stark

    Game of Thrones
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... as the youngest daughter of Lord Eddard Stark. The Starks are a great noble house that presides over the Northern portion of the Seven Kingdoms. In accordance with her station, Arya is being groomed to be a proper ruling lady – but she’d rather learn swordplay than parlor manners.

Profession... tomboy. Arya spends all her energy trying to wiggle out of her lessons on history, etiquette, and needlework so she can instead run, jump, fight, and play. She is a would-be knight-in-training who is determined to prove everyone wrong when it comes to what a lady can or cannot do. Her half-brother Jon Snow gave Arya her first sword, named Needle. Now, he says, she might finally enjoy doing Needlework.

Interests… practicing with her trainer Syrio. When her father sees she’s intensely determined to learn to fight, he finds her a master swordfighter to train her in secret.  Her sister, Sansa, is told Arya is learning to dance, and in a way she is – Syrio specializes in a combat technique known as the Water Dance.

Relationship Status... single, and completely uninterested in finding a husband. Sansa might have found a future spouse in Joffrey, the heir to the throne, but that’s not Arya’s destiny. She doesn’t want to be an accessory to some powerful lord – she wants to have her own adventures and carve her own path through the world. Her reservations about marriage are further entrenched when she begins to see how Joffrey treats Sansa.

Challenge... forging her own path in a world where women are relegated to the sidelines. As if struggling to assert herself wasn’t enough, Arya also finds her family increasingly drawn into political intrigue and conspiracy. She’ll have to keep her wits about her if she (and her family) hope to survive. In the game of thrones – the never-ending struggle for power in Westeros – no one is safe, not even young girls.    

Personality... smart, tough and strong. Arya has a strong independent streak and cannot be turned away from a task that she’s set her mind to. She refuses to be bullied, and won’t let anyone – no matter how powerful – push her around. While these traits are destined to get her into constant trouble, Arya has the wits and grit to survive even the most troubling situations. While she rarely sees eye to eye with her family she cares about them deeply – and would nurse a powerful grudge if anything bad were ever to happen to them. And in this kingdom, it seems like bad things are forever lurking around the corner.


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