Arthur Fonzarelli
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Arthur Fonzarelli

Happy Days

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About Him

Grew up…  in the podunk town of East Meadow. He was abandoned by his parents at a young age; the only advice he ever recalls getting from his father was the cryptic, “Don’t wear socks in the rain.” He was raised in Milwaukee from the age of 6 by his beloved Grandma Nussbaum. Later he dropped out of high school and was an infamous gang member of both the Demons and the Falcons, which is why many are initially afraid of him.

Living... in 1950s Milwaukee with Grandma Nussbaum, though he later moves into a room above the garage of his good friends, the Cunninghams. But Fonzie may spend more time at his “office” inside the bathroom at Arnold’s diner, where he decorated the walls of a stall with all the precious phone numbers he’s collected from girls over the years. This “office” is also where he resolves troublesome matters with his friends Richie Cunningham and others.

Profession… auto mechanic with magic hands.He’s a natural, even wielding the famed “Fonzie touch” outside the garage. When The Fonz bumps a soda machine, out slides a can of pop; with the snap of his finger, a jukebox will change songs. In fact, his skill will work on virtually any electrical device, whether plugged in or not, which rarely fails to impress. 

Interests... girls, motorcycles, being and looking cool.Few can pull off tight jeans, a white T-shirt and a leather jacket like The Fonz. He rides a Harley Davidson Sportster, and has an extensive knowledge of cars.

Relationship Status...  as the town’s heartthrob, Fonzie lives the life of a playboy. Although he’s something of a womanizer, he treats whomever he’s currently dating with the utmost respect. Being a man among boys, it’s no surprise he is such a babe magnet.

Challenge… not being afraid to change and grow.Fonzie is the coolest guy in town, so it’s no surprise that he likes things just as they are. But as a high school dropout, there are times when the Fonz must sacrifice his pride in order to improve his future. He could start by admitting that, in very rare cases, he might actually be wrong. Currently, he can’t literally even say the word “wrong.” He’s practiced in front of a mirror but can only get to, “Wrrrr...”

Personality... super-cool, loyal, the guy who other guys want to be and women want to be with. When the Fonz speaks, people listen. When he greets you with an “Aaaayyy!” all is right with the world, but when he issues a curt “Sit on it,” you do as you’re told. Simply put, The Fonz is The Man.

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