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Arthur Bach


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About Him

Grew Up… in extreme luxury. Arthur never had to want for anything materially, seeing how he was born into a millionaire's family. However, Arthur and his father don't exactly see eye to eye. Growing up Arthur never learned work ethic, which grates against his father's workaholic tendencies.

Living… in New York. Arthur leads a wealthy, yet incredibly lonely existence in the City That Never Sleeps. Under these circumstances, Arthur has turned to alcohol to provide him with the needed excitement in his life. A classic sad clown, he's able to make light of any situation with a little bit of humor, but deep down he’s clearly depressed: "Everyone who drinks is not a poet. Maybe some of us drink because we're not poets." 

Profession… doing absolutely nothing of note for the rest of his life. Arthur is the kind of person to be chauffeured through Central Park by his bitingly witty and extremely loyal and honest butler, Hobson.

Interests… drinking, drinking, and more drinking. In a world where Arthur doesn't feel loved, can he find that special someone who will make him happy? His family wants him to grow up and feel that finding a good, strong lady in his life to give it some direction might be the best option.

Relationship Status… engaged to Susan, who is the daughter of a business relation of his father's. He's engaged, but he's more betrothed as this is more of an arranged marriage of financial convenience than any true romance. Arthur clearly does not love Susan. 

Challenge… when he meets a shoplifter named Linda and sparks fly, can he choose between what is right (a life with Linda) and what is easy – a life of continued idleness by marrying into wealth with Susan.

Personality… charming, witty, and never at a loss for the perfect one-liner to bring levity to even the tensest situation.

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