Ready Player One
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... who knows where. Art3mis’ real life is a bit of a secret. She’s mostly known for her virtual one instead.

Visiting... the OASIS, an expansive virtual reality entertainment universe where people create their own avatars and live a life limited only by their imaginations. Named after the Greek goddess of hunting, Art3mis appears as a confident action hero with bright pink hair.

Profession... Gunter. When OASIS creator James Halliday died, he left behind a challenge: Anyone who could collect three magical keys and access a hidden Golden Easter Egg would be granted total control over the OASIS. Art3mis is one of the “egg hunters” or “Gunters” who has dedicated her life to doing just that. In fact, she’s one of the most famous and respected Gunters around—a celebrity of the OASIS.

Interests... 1980s pop culture. Looking for clues, Art3mis immersed herself in Halliday’s favorite pop culture. From Akira to Buckaroo Banzai, she’s an encyclopedia of ’80s culture and an encyclopedia of James Halliday.

Relationship Status... single. Art3mis is more focused on collecting the keys than on finding a date. But once she teams up with Wade Watts a.k.a. Parzival, she starts to develop a soft spot for him.

Challenge... getting to the Golden Egg before Innovative Online Industries does. Led by villainous CEO Nolan Sorrento, the evil corporation wants to commercialize the OASIS. The company even forces impoverished people into indentured servitude as their army of Gunters. Art3mis is dedicated to protecting the OASIS, but there might be something more to it as well. After all, behind Art3mis’ avatar is a real-world teenager with her own dedication to justice.

Personality... smart, spunky, and incredibly skilled. Art3mis is a brilliant gamer, a masterful driver, and full of boundless self-confidence. At least that’s what she’s like in the OASIS. As she reminds Wade, “You don’t even know me. This isn’t what I really look like. This isn’t my real body or my real face.” The real-life Art3mis might not be quite as confident as her virtual counterpart, but her fearless bravery is apparent in any universe. She’s independent and self-sufficient, but also humble enough to realize that two heads are often better than one.


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