Arizona Robbins

Arizona Robbins

    Grey's Anatomy
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... in a military family. In fact, Arizona was name after the U.S.S. Arizona, the ship her grandfather served on. She was initially worried about coming out as a lesbian to her conservative family, but they surprised her by supporting her.

Living... in Seattle, Washington where she moved for work after completing her residency at John Hopkins Hospital.

Profession... pediatric surgeon at Seattle Grace Hospital. And it would be an understatement to say Arizona loves her job. She believes that it’s a “great privilege” to work with kids (a.k.a. “tiny humans”) and has a knack for reassuring their worried parents (a.k.a. “tiny human makers”). As she explains it, “This is not general surgery on a miniature scale. These are the tiny humans. These are children. They believe in magic.”

Interests... Heely sneakers, her Holly Hobbie pink scrub cap, and all things cute.

Relationship Status... single, for now. But Arizona is always on the look out for a nice woman, and she has an instant connection with her co-worker Callie Torres.

Challenge... saving lives. Arizona’s job is incredibly high-pressured. The choices she makes each day often mean the difference between life and death for her young patients. Arizona tends to think she’s always right and she often butts heads with other doctors about the best course of treatment or the right way to interact with patients. Nevertheless, she’d never let her own stubbornness compromise her patient care.   

Personality... a beam of positive, perky sunshine. Deep down Arizona is strong, assertive, and confident, but she simply believes that a spoonful of sugar helps the tough love go down. Although her cheerful personality can occasionally rub people the wrong way, those close to her know she’s a loyal and caring friend. As she puts it, “I was raised to be a good man in a storm.”


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