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Overview… the Architect. Ariadne was just a normal graduate student in architecture at the Ecole D'Architecture in Paris before Dominic Cobb tapped her for his inception team, which is trying to enter a target’s dreams to implant an idea. She may be a little hesitant about the corporate espionage and life-risking aspects of her new job, but she is utterly fascinated by the infinite possibility of creation that the dream world contains. Dreams need realistic physical structures to be convincing, and that’s where Ariadne comes in.

Personality… bright, curious, and determined. Her position as the new kid on the block may actually allow her to take more liberties than some of the other members of the team. Ariadne knows that Cobb is hiding something, and she is dead-set on finding out just what. In the meantime, she is catching up quickly on the need-to-know skills of shared dreaming in preparation for the Fischer Inception Job. Ariadne may be young and inexperienced for now, but she has no shortage of talent or drive. 

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