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Living… at the heart of the entertainment business in Los Angeles. Ari would claim that he practically runs this city, but don’t believe every word he says. As he once said, “I love a liar.”

Profession… agent and partner at the Terrance McQuewick Agency (TMA), one of the most prestigious talent agencies in Hollywood. As a high-powered Hollywood agent, Ari yells for a living, getting his clients the best deals through the sheer power of his vocal venom. But seeing as his work never stops, neither does the yelling, making every conversation with Ari a countdown to the meltdown.

Interests… work, work, work. It’s difficult to tell the difference between work and leisure time in Hollywood. Work, for Ari, doesn’t always mean taking care of paperwork in the office. He’s often out partying with his favorite client and rising superstar, Vincent Chase.

Relationship Status… married with children. Despite Ari’s foul mouth and uncontrollable temper, he tries his best to be a good husband and father. His wife, known almost exclusively as Mrs. Ari, is the only non-client who has any real influence on him. Without her, the hard-driving Ari would likely steer his life entirely off the rails.

Challenge… keeping himself at the top of the Hollywood game. Every day is a battle for Ari, whether it involves keeping Vince or his entourage in check, landing him or another client a huge role, or managing office politics with his boss Terrance McQuewick. Ari will go to the ends of the Earth to obtain anything his clients desire. Ari won’t hesitate to scream, shout and swear until he gets his way.

Personality… neurotic, vulgar and ambitious. Ari has a loud and dirty mouth, which he uses to get what he wants for his business, his clients and his family. As he puts it, “A shattered world is what you get when you mess with Ari Gold!" Although he talks a tough game, Ari also has a heart of gold (just like his last name) beneath his tough exterior. When he's on your side, you can't get anyone more loyal.  

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