Archie Costello
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Archie Costello

The Chocolate War

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About Him

Living... at Trinity, a Catholic high school in New England. With no girls at Trinity and not much to do around town, Archie and his friends often have to invent their own fun.

Profession... officially, just a student. But as the leader of the Vigils, Trinity's secret society, Archie wields more power than most of the Brothers who run the school, and everyone – students, teachers, even the headmaster – knows it.

Interests... using his power for evil. As leader of the Vigils, Archie blackmails and bullies the other students into accomplishing dangerous, troublesome pranks for seemingly little more than Archie's own private amusement. 

Relationship Status... single. Trinity's an all-boys school and Catholic to boot, so the dating scene is kind of sparse. Archie doesn't mind the lack of romance, though, since it just gives him more time to catch his classmates' sexual deviations.

Challenge... maintaining power over Trinity. For most of his high school career, Archie hasn't found that too hard to do since everyone, from the teachers to the students, is terrified of the Vigils. However, when freshman Jerry Renault refuses to participate in a Vigils-sanctioned school sale, Archie finds that he may have to employ more drastic measures to keep his power intact. Not, of course, that he's the least bit unwilling to use such tactics. 

Personality... manipulative, misanthropic, and thoroughly sadistic. In Archie's view, "The world was made up of two kinds of people – those who were victims and those who victimized." He's thoroughly determined to belong to the category of the victimizers. Though clearly intelligent, Archie seems determined to use his brains for all the wrong reasons, taking glee in the misery he causes for both classmates and teachers alike.

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