April "Tinkerballa" Lou

April "Tinkerballa" Lou

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Living… online. While Tink, as she’s called, might have a decked-out hot-pink bedroom, most of her time is spent online. She plays a fantasy role-playing game and is a member of the guild The Knights of Good. “Tink” is short for her “official” online handle, Tinkerballa; her real name is April.

Profession… pre-med student. At least, that’s what she told her parents. In actuality, she’s studying costume design. In the game, she’s a ranger, delivering long-range combat skills.

Interests… fashion, gaming – and definitely not other people. Even when she’s sitting at her computer, Tink will probably have another handheld game on her, and she rarely tears her eyes from the screen. To her, people are just more bearable online.

Relationship Status… single. Very single. Tink is hot, and she knows it, and she’s plenty happy to use that quality to get stuff from guys. But she’s very much not into romance or long-term entanglement. That would require liking someone, which she has difficulty doing.

Challenge… dealing withother people. Tink is surrounded by people who are less intelligent, less socially adept, and overall less interesting than she is, at least as she sees it. It’s a difficult life. Not to mention that at some point she’s going to have to break the news to her parents that she’s not going to be a doctor after all.

Personality… dismissive, articulate, and self-involved. Tink won’t give you the time of day, but she will hand-craft a biting insult to tell you to go away. She views people with rosier views of the world as impossibly naïve. That said, she genuinely enjoys creating things, and she’s quite intelligent and socially capable. She’s the most well-socialized person in her Guild, which makes her act superior, but it’s to them she turns when she’s in a bind.

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