April O'Neil
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April O'Neil

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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About Her

Living… in New York City, where crime is on the rise.

Profession... a fast-talking reporter for Channel 3. She’s currently doing an in-depth story on the rise of crime in New York. A new criminal group known as “The Foot” are recruiting young, lost criminals in New York, and organizing theft, muggings, and other crimes throughout the city. April O’Neil was herself a victim of crime—luckily she was saved by four teenage mutant ninja turtles, who sprung out of a sewer manhole, beat up her would-be attackers, and jumped back into the sewer before she could get a really good look at them.

Interests… local crime rates and getting the big story. April is also interested in her new saviors, the teenage mutant ninja turtles. Though she’s having a hard time believing what she saw, since she’s never witnessed or even heard of a mutant turtle before. But if she really does prove they exist, she’ll have to face an uneasy truth: that there are mutants among us.   

Relationship Status… single. There are tons of worthy bachelors out there in New York, but April needs someone who can keep up with her—which means dishing out as much sass as she does. The equally sharp-tongued Casey Jones catches her eye. They bicker, and they like it.

Challenge… using the tools of journalism to inspire a hero (or four) to come out of hiding and save New York City from “The Foot.” The police are doing little more than yelling at her for airing an allegedly defamatory report. The police captain even screams right in her face, “Don’t tell me how to do my job!”

Personality… spunky and fun-loving, with a strong sense of justice. April is a perfect match for the teen turtles because she, like them, loves pizza as much as she loves seeing criminals brought to justice.

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