My Little Pony

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... in a large and loving family. Living in the countryside near Ponyville, Applejack learned the value of responsibility from helping her grandmother and older brother on their farm from an early age.

Living... at Sweet Apple Acres, with the rest of the Apple family. Though the farm takes up most of Applejack's time, she enjoys visiting her Ponyville friends whenever she has the chance.

Profession... farmer at Sweet Apple Acres. Though not as large as her older brother, Big McIntosh, Applejack's a sturdy pony herself, and what she lacks in size, she makes up for in determination. As she fiercely tells him, " I said I can handle this harvest and I'm gonna prove it to you."

Interests... enjoying nature, advising her little sister, and helping out on Sweet Apple Acres. Discounting her distrust of math, Applejack is otherwise a jack-of-all-trades, showing herself to be a skilled athlete, musician, and baker.

Relationship Status... single. Though young, Applejack's hardly frivolous, and she'll save the romance for when she has time for it – right now, it's hard enough to fit friends into her schedule, much less a romantic partner.

Challenge... earning money for Sweet Apple Acres and her grandmother. Though its apples are undeniably delicious, Sweet Apple Acres has been looking a little worn down lately, and Applejack would dearly like to renovate the old barn. Then there's also Granny Smith, who's getting in on years and who'd probably do well by having one of her aching hips replaced.

Personality... honest, hard-working, and determined. Down-to-earth and responsible, Applejack is a country mare at heart, not caring much for complicated etiquette or frilly clothes. Although this often puts her at odds with more urbane ponies like Rarity, Applejack's stubbornness doesn't stop her from being quick to apologize when she realizes her mistakes. Perhaps the pony with the most common sense among her friends, Applejack's practicality complements her caring nature, and she prides herself on being "the loyalest of friends and the most dependable of ponies."


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