Apollo Justice

Apollo Justice

    Ace Attorney Series

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... an orphan. Apollo’s parents were both stage performers. However, his father died in an accident after he was born and his mother left him soon after.

Living... in L.A. After the previous law firm he worked for dissolved, Apollo was offered a job at Wright Anything Agency, the Los Angeles office of famous defense attorney Phoenix Wright. Wright would then become his mentor.

Profession... defense attorney. Growing up, Apollo idolized Phoenix Wright. So he decided he wanted to become a lawyer as well and worked hard to finish law school. The fact that he now works for Wright is like a dream come true.

Interests… reading people. Using a mysterious bracelet his mother gave him before she left, Apollo can sense when other people are nervous based on even the most subtle signs. It’s a very useful skill to have when dealing with potential liars. He also enjoys hula hoops and astrology.   

Relationship Status... single. Apollo’s focus on himself and his own career prevents him from connecting with people. However, he does deeply care about his mentor’s adopted daughter Trucy Wright.

Challenge... solving cases. Like any good lawyer, Apollo investigates cases, questions witnesses, works to uncover the truth, and tries to protect the innocent. As he says, “No matter what the truth is that's waiting ahead, I won't be afraid!” His biggest cases include solving the mystery surrounding the Gramarye magicians and defending Phoenix Wright himself.
Personality... critical. Being abandoned at such a young age taught Apollo how to fend for himself. In the process, he has become an excellent attorney, but also a vain, sarcastic, and self-conscious one. However, he’s growing more grounded and likable as he continues to work cases.


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