Anya Forger

Anya Forger

    Spy x Family

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... in an orphanage in the nation of Ostania. Tensions are high between Ostania and Westalis, even after the established peace after a long period of devastating war. After Loid arrives at the orphanage, Anya pretended to be the perfect child for him to adopt, lying about her age (the enrollment age for Eden is six years old) and solving the difficult crossword puzzle for him (she just read his mind for the answers). Thus began her life as a “spy” on a super-duper secret mission, that she shouldn’t even know about!

Profession… student. Anya is a six-year-old child going to Eden Academy, the nation’s top private school reserved for only the elite of the elite. She had been raised in a laboratory specifically designed to deprive her of love until she escaped. Anya was adopted by her loving dad and mom. And they have a dog, which she names after her favorite character, Bondman, from a spy TV show. But Anya is beginning to discover her mom and dad are living a secret life. Anya has conflicting feelings about that. As she says, “Papa is the world biggest liar. But… he’s the coolest liar!

Interests... reading minds. Anya is the result of human experimentation which gave her the ability to read the minds of those around her. Anya uses her telepathic abilities to meticulously maintain the relationship between her two parents, both of whom are oblivious to the real nature of one another and their daughter. 

Challenge... studying, studying, studying. With her telepathic abilities, Anya can’t help but use them for her own good, cheating on the exams by reading the minds of fellow classmates. She also can’t help hearing the voices of criminals and those in danger around her, which has resulted in her putting herself in danger more than once to save or catch a third party. Any has been recruited to Operation Strix, which requires her to get close to the son of some big politician. Since it’s “world peace” on the line for this mission, Anya will do her best to get as close to him as possible. Unfortunately, punching him on day one of school was probably not the best course of action to take. Now, with a ticking timer to expulsion should she fail to keep her grades, and the childhood struggle of learning how to make friends, Anya must learn how to maintain both the loving, peaceful family life—and the exciting, undercover spy life, before conflict breaks out.

Personality... determined, resourceful, and optimistic. It’s hard to believe Anya is so young. She has more brains and more heart than most adults.


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