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Antwone Fisher

Antwone Fisher

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About Him

Grew Up… “under a rock,” as he tells his psychologist. “Fish,” as his fellow soldiers call him, was born in prison to a tempestuous teenage mother. Without a father to look after him on the outside, Fish was raised in an orphanage and with an abusive foster family in Cleveland.

Living… in the brig. Antwone is not the kind of upstanding seaman that the Navy wants to produce. Prone to fights and confrontation, Antwone doesn’t want anyone’s help. He sees himself as a lone solider.

Profession… Ship’s Serviceman Seaman in the US Navy. Antwone was recently demoted from Petty Officer Third Class after his latest fight with a white sailor. To his chagrin, the higher ups have sent him to see a psychologist: “Cuz I jumped on a white boy, something must be wrong with me? 

Interests… drawing. Antwone is a talented artist, a skill that he uses to help remember the very few good times from his childhood. He’s also partial to the smell of pancakes.

Relationship Status… nursing a serious crush on an attractive female sailor named Cheryl. Antwone has a bad habit of being nervous around women—he doesn’t want Cheryl to find out that he’s got serious problems.

Challenge… confronting his demons and finding some closure. Antwone can’t seem to channel his intense anger into anything positive. As much as he tries to form loving relationships, he can’t resist his instincts to fight. A highly damaged young man, Antwone needs to learn to love himself before he can forgive those who’ve wronged him in the past.

Personality… tough, smart and angry. Antwone, despite his reputation as a tough guy, also has a sweet side. Around Cheryl he is shy and reluctant—perhaps she can bring out his softer side.

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