Antonius Block

Antonius Block

    The Seventh Seal
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Overview... a knight who’s returned to Sweden after the Crusades. Death visited him this morning. Now he’s playing a game of chess for his life, against Death himself. This challenge also presents an opportunity to have some of Antonious’s questions answered. He wants knowledge, not faith; not suppositions, but knowledge. He wants God to stretch out His hand towards him, reveal Himself and speak to him.

Personality... disillusioned, tormented, and anguished. Antonius feels his life has been a futile pursuit, a wandering, a great deal of talk without meaning. Yet he feels no bitterness or self-reproach because he considers most lives to be thus. He worries that death makes life an outrageous horror, yet he continues to play for his life.


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