Antoinette Cosway
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Antoinette Cosway

Wide Sargasso Sea

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About Her

Grew Up… in a convent in Jamaica after her slave-owning father passed away, her brother died in a fire, and her mother went mad. Poor and alone, Antoinette only has her black nurse, Christophene, to turn to.

Living… in a rundown plantation in Jamaica after the slaves have been freed. She is part of the Mason family since her mother remarried before going mad, and the Masons are responsible for arranging her marriage to a fortune-seeking Englishman. Although technically upper-class, Antoinette is not treated well because of her mother’s madness and her Creole heritage.

Profession… housewife. As a lady with lands held in her name – a “rich white girl”, as Christophene puts it – Antoinette does not have and is expected not to have any other profession.

Interests… her husband, because she loves him, and Granbois and England. Granbois is the place of her honeymoon, and a place she loves dearly; England, on the other hand, is a far away dream. She wonders what its cities are like and wants to see snow.

Relationship Status… married to Edward Rochester. While it is a passionate relationship at first, rumors about Antoinette and her family cause Edward to pull away.

Challenge… being of Creole descent; she belongs with neither the blacks nor the whites. On top of that, her mother’s madness starts suspicions that Antoinette has inherited the illness. Antoinette must find a way to deal with her loneliness and the hostility surrounding her, or succumb to madness.

Personality… passionate, needy, and sultry. Desperate for a place to belong, Antoinette falls in love with Edward and clings to him. She is beautiful and intoxicating, and she will do anything to keep the refuge he seems to offer. However, her intense love (“Say, “die”, and I will die”, she tells him) may be the thing that drives him away.

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