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Antimony Carver

Gunnerkrigg Court

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About Her

Grew up… in a hospital, where her mother was a patient and her father was a doctor. It was there that Antimony (or Annie, for short) first met the psychopomps, spirits who guide the dead into the afterlife and from whom Annie learned how to guide the dead. But when her own mother died, the psychopomps did not appear, leaving young Annie to guide her mother on her own.

Living… in Gunnerkrigg Court, a vast and unusual boarding school in the U.K. Not only is the Court populated by humans, robots, fairies, and more, it also seems to have a strange relationship with the forest outside its bounds. Coyote, a demigod that Annie meets, describes Gunnerkrigg as “man’s endeavor to become god."

Profession… student and medium. Descended from a fire element, Annie's status as a combination between a human and a supernatural being allows her to work as a go-between from the Forest to the Court. Like her mother before her, Annie works hard to help people from the Forest and the Court resolve their differences.

Interests… hanging out with her best friend Kat and investigating the strange events around Gunnerkrigg. She is also fond of reading old books, and has a mysterious attachment to wearing a particular style of makeup.

Relationship Status… not currently dating anyone. Her most important relationships are with her best friend Kat; the spirit trapped inside her favorite wolf plushie, Reynardine; and the various supernatural creatures that she meets.

Challenge… navigating the mysteries of the Forest and the Court. It’s a tricky to know what everyone else's intentions are, especially when Annie still doesn't understand the extent of her own powers.

Personality… very mature, reserved, and intelligent. Due to growing up without friends her own age, Annie is very self-sufficient and independent. While she loves her friends and is pleasant enough to others, Annie would prefer figuring things out on her own.

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