Anthony Nelson
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Anthony Nelson

I Dream of Jeannie

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Living… in Cocoa Beach, Florida. As of recently, Tony was on a space mission, but his capsule malfunctioned and he crash-landed on an island in the South Pacific. While he was waiting for rescue, he found a mysterious bottle and opened it – setting free the 2,000 year-old genie, Jeannie. He wished for rescue, and so she gave it to him, and now he’s back in Cocoa Beach. There’s just one thing: Jeannie the genie stowed away with him, and now she’s in his house.

Profession… captain in the US Air Force and aspiring astronaut. One of the reasons Tony doesn’t want a genie around is because he’s worried people will think he’s crazy. If he gets diagnosed as insane, then he can kiss his career goodbye. As long as he can keep Jeannie a secret, though, his career is on the way up.

Interests… space, success, and teaching Jeannie to act normally. Tony’s best friend is his co-worker Roger. Since they hang out so much, it makes sense that Roger is the first one to learn about Jeannie. Unfortunately, he also tries to use Jeannie’s powers for himself.

Relationship Status… engaged. Well, at least he was – Jeannie swiftly put an end to that. Tony just picked up a bottle, but what he got was a beautiful young woman who fell in love with him at first sight. Jeannie wants to be the perfect housewife and please Tony, but she messes up a lot, mostly because she hasn’t been out of her bottle in two millenia.

Challenge… balancing his desire to keep Jeannie a secret and allowing her to enjoy a life of her own. He wants Jeannie to branch out and learn about the world around her. Unfortunately, that happens to endanger his job. She can grant any wish, and she’s not happy unless she’s doing just that. Can Tony keep his job, make Jeannie happy, and keep his sanity?

Personality… rational, uptight, and forgiving. It takes a lot for a man to keep his composure after literally finding a genie in a bottle – much less a genie who demands so much from him. Tony took on the challenge and proceeded to let Jeannie essentially uproot his entire life. He loves her even when she screws up, shows patience with her lack of knowledge about modern civilization, and almost always lets her get her way. He’s either a very patient guy – or maybe he’s in love.


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