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Anthony DiNozzo


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Grew up… with an emotionally neglectful father. After his mother passed away, Tony was shipped off to boarding school and, eventually, the Rhode Island Military Academy.

Profession… special agent in the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS). Tony earned his street smarts when he worked as a detective in Baltimore. Despite his often jokey and immature attitude, life on the Baltimore streets taught DiNozzo some rough lessons about the art of police work. He’s always very careful about whom he chooses to trust.

Interests… Magnum P.I., Airwolf, and action shows in general. DiNozzo has an encyclopedic knowledge of pop culture, and has a particular talent for impressions. His go-to impressions are Sean Connery and Tommy Lee Jones, two of his favorite action heroes.

Relationship Status… single, but constantly mingling. DiNozzo is known as a relentless flirt, as he’ll put the moves on just about any woman who crosses his path. Or as he calls himseld, “Tony DiNozzo, friend of the ladies.” 

Challenge… learning to commit. Tony doesn’t take very much seriously, and certainly not his relationships with women. He’s missed out on some golden relationships in the past, and he risks not seeing the relationship opportunities that are sitting right in front of him. (Yes, we mean Ziva David.)

Personality… immature and obnoxious, but funny. The rest of the team hates to admit it, but Tony’s adolescent antics and pop-culture knowledge have led to the solving of quite a few cases. While he tends to annoy his co-workers (especially his boss, Agent Gibbs), no one can deny that he’s a good cop.

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