Anthony Adams
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Anthony Adams

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About Him

Living... in Texas. He was staying at a mental hospital for “exhaustion” and although it was a voluntary admission, he escaped with his friend Dignan out of the window. It was more of a grand exit that way.

Visiting… cheap motels and the open roads. He and Dignan are on a trip to begin Dignan’s “75-year plan”, a scheme to get rich through a life of easy crime. They’ve brought friend Bob along, mostly because he has a car.

Profession... thief-in-training. After seeing a TV special, Dignan convinced Anthony to join him in a new life of crime. Dignan has big plans, but they started small with their first job. They robbed Anthony’s family's house, which didn't go so well. They accidentally took the earrings Anthony bought for his Mom, so he found his sister and told her to put them back.

Interests... drinking banana daiquiris.

Relationship Status... taking a turn for the unexpected. He’s fallen hard for a beautiful and intelligent girl from Paraguay who works as a housekeeper in a motel where they are staying. She doesn't speak much English, but they've got a connection that goes beyond language. They have so much fun together just sitting in the laundry room and sharing tamales. He wants to take her away from her life of Windexing and making beds, but he doesn't think he can convince her to come with them.

Challenge... overcoming the unfortunate fact that Dignan's plan does not seem to be working.  As he says, “The only thing I've learned so far is that crime does not pay.” But he doesn’t want to let his friend down.

Personality... a charming goofball. But he’s not as goofy as Dignan, and he has some reservations about this plan to get rich. He’s mostly going along for Dignan’s benefit.

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