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Living... right outside Silver Creek, Colorado with her favorite author, Paul Sheldon. He happened to drive through her town on his way home to NYC , but he got caught in a blizzard and crashed his car. Can you believe Annie’s luck? She rescued him and took him home to her place.

Profession... nurse. But Annie decides to take some time off after she finds Paul badly hurt from his accident. Since he had a compound fracture in both legs, Annie thought she should bring him to her house to nurse him back to health.

Interests... reading. Paul's “Misery” series. The main character, Misery Chastain, makes her so happy; she makes Annie forget all her problems. Annie reads the books over and over, and is desperate to know what will become of Misery at the end of Paul’s as-yet-unfinished series.

Relationship Status... single, though she has quite a thing for Paul, who she thinks is a genius. Since she’s been nursing him to health, she has been trying everything to start a relationship with him – including resorting to playing romantic Liberace music. But for some reason, Paul is resisting her charms...

Challenge... finding out what happens to the character she loves so much. Annie just finished reading a draft of Paul's ninth book in the Misery series, and she found out what happened to her favorite character. Paul says that Misery "slipped away," but Annie knows the truth, and she is not happy about it.

Personality... obsessive, angry, and homicidal. Though her passion for his series is inspirational and flattering at first, Paul quickly realizes that Annie is so obsessed with Misery that she will do anything to make sure her favorite character has a happy ending. Paul has managed to get on Annie’s bad side, unaware that she has a sledgehammer and is not afraid to use it.

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