Annie Sawyer
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Annie Sawyer

Being Human

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About Her

Living…sort of. Annie is a ghost, so she’s more dead than alive. While she does remain amongst the living, Annie can’t eat or change. Even her own visibility is unstable. Whether or not humans can see her depends on her strength of mind. Luckily, she has Mitchell and George to keep her company in her old house. Sure, a vampire and a werewolf aren’t the most normal housemates, but hey, it’s better than being alone.

Profession…former fashion student. Annie studied design in college where she met Owen Norayan, who eventually became her fiancé. The two moved to Bristol, ready to start their careers and a life together. Unfortunately, Annie passed away shortly after.  

Interests…making tea and cleaning the apartment. George often berates Annie for brewing so many cups of a beverage that she can’t even drink, but she refuses to stop: “I like making tea, it makes me feel normal.” Annie also enjoys taking care of her roommates by finishing up most of the domestic chores around the house. 

Relationship Status…engaged. Well, she was. Owen, who is also the landlord of the house, has moved on since Annie’s death. He’s currently dating Janey Harris, a woman who Annie absolutely loathes. Annie misses Owen terribly and tries to be as close to him as possible.

Challenge...resolving her death. Annie still haunts Earth because she has some unfinished business to attend to. It’s just that no one knows what it is. Thus, Annie is stuck for the time being. Life as a spirit is tough and she often has difficulty coping: “You know that worst thing about being a ghost? It’s lonely. You’ll give anything for that crumb of comfort.” 

Personality…insecure and a little needy, but very sweet and super friendly. Annie has always been slightly unsure of herself, even in life. As a result of her lack of confidence, she is often invisible to people. When they can see her, Annie is incredibly enthusiastic and chatty. She misses everything about being human and loves conversing with them.

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